flexibility v strength in wrestling


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May 28, 2003
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I was just wondering what sort of emphasis was placed on flexibility in wrestling circles. Obviously in BJJ it is very important to be flexible however wrestling seems to place more importance on strength.

Is this the case or am I off the mark here?
The problem is that people think that flexibility and strength are the opposites of each other, which is absolutely not the case.

If you train properly, you should improve both your flexibility and strength.

In some sports (Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, high jump, etc.), you want to keep your flexibility at a certain level, to get the most explosive force out of the stretch reflex (plyometrics), but this is not the case for most other sports, including martial arts.

So, in short, train for both, they actually complement each other.
While flexibility is not as important in wrestling as it is in BJJ, it is essential for both. Do your best to keep a good balance between the two. One suggestion is to stretch everday, especially after you lift. I know this sounds basic, but it really does help.
It's even more important to lift properly, using full ROM and compound movements. Isolation and partials are quite bad for both strength and flexibility. But this is a topic better discussed at Strength & Power.

If you lift like a body builder, no stretch on this planet will save you.
Wrestling is deffiantely all about both aspects, i accualy use my flexability more than my physical stregnth. I find that if your flexable you can use that to turn your opponent with much less exhursion than it would take to muscle someone. Also being flexable will help you to escape many positions. Simply because i can bridge very well for my weight (220), people dont expect someone my size to bridge hard and slip out from the pin. Its a combo but i think flexablity is more important for wrestling