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Flax seed oil, anyone feel weird....


E C Monee

Ok so I started taking some flax seed oil in softgel, they are 1000mg each I take about 3 atleast 3 times a day with my meals. Shortly after I take them I usually feel weird as hell, almost like if I was about to get nausious and almost like if im fucking semi high, my vision gets a bit hazy, nothing I can't handle it's just real weird to me. Anyone else get any weird feelings while taking this shit?
Nope never had any problems. You may want to try a different brand, flax seed oil is notorious for going rancid. I buy bottled oil from the refriderator section from the health food store and the then store it immediately in my fridge at home. A good brand is Health from the Sun, I use their Lignan Gold.
Do the animal based EFA's

Fish only

Leave the flax for the ladies who process plants better than us males.
If I had to choose between fish oil and flax seed oil it would definetly be fish oil.

will have to give the fish oil a try once im done with this bottle, crazy thing too is that I start feeling normal right around when im gonna eat again and would take another dosage =\ so its last about 3 hours. The stuff im using is vitamin shoppe crap brand.
yeh.. with flax oil ... if the oil has a watery (thin) consistency, it's cheaply made.. and if it tastes fishy.. it's gone rancid.. it should have a rich nutty taste with a thick consistency...
Best bet = get whole flax seeds, put them in with your protein shakes when you blend them up, and on your salads. If you must use Flax.
I have just bought some flax seed oil (that I got the impression was some flax, some fish) and its supposed to last me 6 weeks (32 oz). Buggar

Before I was taking fish oil caps, but wanted a oil I put into shakes etc. I have since developed a headache and the only new think I can think of is the flax oil.

hmmm, i take both flax and fish...is that bad?
switch to olive oil

almost the same benefits without that horrible taste

but then again u can get used to the taste of flax
Boondocksaint said:
I take both. Just don't over do it.
how about taking 2 flax's on day 1 then 2 fish the next then back and forth?