Flavored Water??


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Dec 30, 2003
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I drink a lot of Nestle Pure life (Natural Flavored water beverage) and others that are similar. My question is, Are these drinks comparable to drinking actual water. The Nutrition facts are 0 across the board except 10mg of sodium (0%DV) and the Ingredients in the one I am drinking right now are:

Purified Water, Natural fruit flavors,citric acid,potassium sorbrate and sodium benzoate,chloride sodium bicarbonate,magnesium sulfate.

I know Actual water is best but sometimes a little flavor is kind of nice.
what do you guys think. Can i constitute this as part of my daily water intake?? :eek:
I think they taste like shit. You know that natural flavors and artificial flavors are the same thing right? It's just that natural flavors are extracted from food and artificial flavors are synthesized. You can really consider most liquids as part of your daily water intake I think, but if you want some flavored water, put a squirt of lemon juice in it or something...
These things are easier bro.
taste good 35 pack at costco is like under 10 bucks
Yeah I find those things taste like ass and they're expensive! If you like them and can afford to drink a lot of them then by all means, indulge. I prefer plain ice water but if I wanted some taste I'd just throw a lemon wedge in it like Frodo said!
As long as they don't have any caffeine, or excess sugar and sodium it's not bad for you.
anything that is flavored like it shouldnt be I generally stay away from.
Brandinho said:
As long as they don't have any caffeine, or excess sugar and sodium it's not bad for you.

For the most part, Brandinho is right, but you don't want to totally replace water with this stuff, because, for example, the Magnesium Sulfate can interfere with your body's absorption of heme-iron and iron (so regardless of how much you supplement, you might still become deficient, if you drank this stuff around the clock).

But a bottle a day probably won't interrupt your body seriously enough that your athletic performance would suffer.

I do like Urban's lemon juice suggestion.