first time sparring


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Feb 15, 2005
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Just had my first sparring experience last Friday, it was my fifth time boxing. It was a good experience. I sparred with one of my brothers mates, and he caught me clean a couple of times, he was quite tall (~ 6.1; am 5.8
For me, 25-30 rounds sparring is an intense week. 15-24 moderate and 0-15 light. Your nose will bleed for the first couple months and then it will get more accustomed to being hit. To start, spar 2x a week
i would recommend just once a week for beginners. you don't want to get used to bad habits when you just starting out. also ask you coach for his opinion because he has seen you spar and knows what you need to work on. but it also depends. how many rounds did you go? and how many do u usually go? but good job, keep the good work up!
Did 3 rounds: 2 straight rounds with the tall guy, 1 round off, then another round with another guy.
2 straight 3 minute rounds is pretty good, looks like u have good stamina. i would recommend no more than 6 rounds in a week, so thats like 2 days unless u r getting ready for a fight.