First Seminar: What to expect?


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Mar 7, 2005
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So, i'm going to my first seminar tommorow with Rodrigo Lopes and Mamazinho, and I was wondering what to expect. It's a 4 hour seminar and we're expecting about 20 people. Will this leave enough time for one on ones with each person? Kind of nervous seeing as how this will be the first time I've rolled with anyone higher than a purple. A brown and two blacks is a bit of a leap. Thanks for any info guys.

I can't tell you how the seminar will be. But I train under Rodrigo Lopes in Seattle (Gracie Barra Mamazinho). He's a very cool guy and a good instructor. I would guess that styles of running seminars are as different as the people who run them. But rest assured that you'll be working with class acts.

Don't forget to come back and say what you thought about the seminar. Is this the one at the University of Idaho?
Yeah, this is for the UofI Submission Fighting/BJJ team. I met both guys at Copa Northwest 5 and they both seemed to be extremely passionate about what they do, and teaching it to others. I'm so so stoked for this, but after four hours I hope i'm not busted up too bad. Oh, it's 50 dollars and I'm a two stripe white. Just thought I would fill in any potential gaps i might have left out.

So, after four and a half hours and innumerable bruises, my first seminar has come to an end. We started with two drills, a knee on belly exercise and jumping from one side of your oppenent to the other while trying to pass guard. After that we got into technique. First we learned two throws that ended in armbars, a shoulder toss and a inside reap. Next we learned 4 submissions from the mount, and then an escape and submission from back mount. Overall, I definately give the seminar a 10/10. They teach things so simply and yet so effectively, and really care that people are understanding things. Two standup guys.