first reference of "this new breed of..."?


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Dec 8, 2004
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Watching Sims v Mir. yes, from 9.5 years ago. Summer of '03. here's the quote from Joe (edit) Rogan:

"This (Sims) is a huge guy, this new breed of UFC heavyweights, like Tim Sylvia, like Gan McGee, like like Wes Sims, giganatic!"

i thought it was funny, considering most people think of Brock, Cain, JDS and Carwin - a fully 5-8 years later - when they hear that statement....

if you want to hear it yourself, it is exactly 20 seconds before one of those "new breeds of UFC HW's" kicks Mir's face in, hehe.
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funny. new breed. good stuff.

It reminded me of this:

At some point the "New Breed" gets old. Then the antelope eats the grass from the soil that was enriched by the dead bodies. Its the circle of life.

Maybe they should change the name to "Contemporary Breed"
I don't believe in the "new breed" concept as it is used today. Certainly, over time fighters will continue to get better and better. Fights 10 years from now will be better overall than fighters 10 years ago, and so on. However, the "new breed" term has continued to have been used in ridiculous ways. Brock and Carwin are new breed? Really? You can look at guys like Fedor, Nog, Barnett, who years earlier already had more complete games (better striking, the ablilty to work a guard and go for submissions from your back (shock!), etc. I think guys like JJ are okay to be called a new breed, because he brings the skill of these past fighters, along with this athleticism that hasn't been seen before really.
New Breed of HWs were/are guys like Brock, Carwin, JDS and Cain. The best the history of HW division has to offer.
Nowadays, only JDS and Cain are relevant.