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First Practice for my High school Wrestling is this TUESDAY!


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Oct 12, 2005
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I never really wrestled before except for a couple times in middle school for gym and i only have 2 months of experience in brazilian jiu-jitsu. Im out of shape. What should i expect on the first day except me getting my ass kicked and getting tired. Any tips. Plus im a freshman and only weigh bout 112 pounds
hey, welcome to the club... #1 dont pull any submissions, #2 dont pull guard, #3 dont use judo throws, #4 dont tell them you know BJJ, cuz you dont, #4 USE Hooks in for the legs, it will make you ten times more comfortable. #5 spin to your belly WHEN you DO get taken down, #6 Sprawl, Sprawl, Sprawl...thats the only way your not going to look like an ass.
ah good luck, you can probably also expect to be exhausted after the practice.
First day of practice was always the easiest day. Day two that was the day that sucked.

Things to remember:
Double leg takedowns are your friend
Neckbridge while you watch TV
Don't try to power your way, it is all about the flow

Have a GREAT season.
good luck man...my bro is also going out for the team. DO NOT PULL GUARD!
gothlink said:
you cant use a judo take down in wrestling?

It will be very hard to pull off.

Don't worry about the weight. I was lighter than 112 my freshman year.

Just keep going to every practice, run on your own, and dont give up. The conditioning will come, and if you stick with it there's nothing to worry about.
gothlink said:
you cant use a judo take down in wrestling?
You most definitely can use several Judo throws in wrestling, but you have to have control the entire time. I.E. No slams and you must hit the before he does. However, Judo trips and pins are great for wrestling, and in freestyle wrestling and grecco-roman wrestling even more Judo throws are useful. Some of the best wrestlers were Judokas, so don't be afraid to use them! Just remember that you and your opponent are not wearing kimonos on the mat, so you will need to adjust. If in doubt, as your coach if they are legal/safe/not easily countered.
Im just saying dont use judo throws for your first few practices, then when you feel like you know what your doing, you can try judo takedowns.
stretch your neck alot before you wrestle

save yourself a sore neck
Haha good luck... the nervousness will be gone once you step on the mat.
Good luck...tell us how it goes. My first practice is after thanksgiving.
I got pinned 4 times by guys who where forty pounds lighter than me....I was like WTF Im supposed to be the BJJ guy who competes absolute. Haha, totally different things.
Oh ya, my practice is every day after school. I saw only 3/4 of the guys who work open mat regularly show up though. Kinda confused me, Im not sure as to if Im supposed to go only 3 or four days of the week. Especially since I see my grades dropping a little.

Also, stay tough mentally. The first few weeks they will try to break you down mentally, yelling at you and making you do sparatic drills until you cant move anymore. Atleast, they will try to within a few more weeks if its a decent wrestling program.

If your like me, and you want to do BJJ or kickboxing after wrestling season, you can lose the qualifiers on purpose or fake an injury.
I never took wrestling in H.S., but I've been doing Judo for a while now.
I ran into the H.S. wrestling coach and he wants volunteer coaches, so I told him I'd observe before actually contributing to the class. I've been watching things for about 3 weeks now. Here's what I've noticed:

-- These guys go non-stop, all out, for at least 3 hours a pop. I show up at about 3:00 and they're already stretching out. When I leave at 6:00 they're still going. 5 days a week. 6 during the main part of the season. Hardcore work ethic.

-- Shoot, shoot, shoot. They work on shooting for doubles, singles, fireman carries, etc, over and over and over. The basic entry footwork seems to be the same, so get that down. In fact, they drill the same entry over and over for about an hour: Plant with a foot, take a big step with the other foot and drop to that knee, etc...

--Slackers stand out like a sore thumb. That does NOT mean that freshmen who are just learning things stand out negatively, what it means is that, because all freshman are just learning things, the ones who don't TRY really look bad. Effort is 90% of the game your freshman year. It doesn't matter if you suck because you're expected to suck, just give it everything you've got and you'll be fine. You'll gain instant respect if you are seen as putting your heart into every session, regardless of your natural ability.

Stick with it, Don't quit. You'll never regret it.