"First one to shoot's a Cowbitch" - Mcgregor to Cerrone.

Conor having PTSD with anything to do with grappling.
Of all the pics to post he chose that one? Jesus he really has lost it.
So conors buddy dillon is a bitch expert i guess

Just rollin around on the ground bein a bitch

Conor used to love Dee on top, but it now gives him flash backs of khabib

Poor fella!
"Please dont take me down please dont take me down please dont take me down"

If conor is such a pussy about a take down then he should be boxing

Oh wait
They roll behind closed doors dude in private

Conor is always posting about the "great work" and "great rounds" he does with his crew of yes-bitches. He sure does like to insult his team publicly by shit talking grappling. Even irish edmund himself is primarily a bjj bitch
Can we ban TS for spreading fake news? Understand the banter, but at least post the Original post or something like that.
Conor's ready for it. He's trying to get Caoboi to second guess everything he does. Is he doing what Conor wants? Is he helping himself more or Conor?

Irish mind games.
Why is he setting himself up for this again?

Oh so TS photoshooped conor's post.
Well plaid I guess. Or played. Probably plaid though.
Letterkenny is dope.