First arm injury, need some opinions


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Mar 29, 2008
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Last night my partner who is a blue got me in some kind of an awkward kimura I think. But went to sweep from there. Or he went to sweep and applied the Kimura. I am sorry, I just don't know, I am new and everytime I fight this guy I find myself in some really awkward positions. Either way it my have turned into an arm was really extended and when he went to "sweep" we both heard cracks and pops at my elbow. He screamed and jumped away.

I luckily was ok for the moment. I finished that roll. It really didn't bother me at all. At the quick water break it felt a little sore. I rolled again. I could tell it was starting to bother me more, because that roll was horrendous and I found myself favoring the arm. Still it wasn't bad.

I sat out on the last roll until someone tapped and jumped in for the last 2 minutes. I felt ok.

This morning, I woke up and it felt real stiff in the elbow and bicep. But as I type this and I wake up it feels a bit better. I can almost fully extend it but when the arm is about to "straighten" it tightens up and I get some pain. If I keep extending it has to be slow and then it sort of feels looser but I am not gonna sit there and keep extending it.

Knowing my own body, I don't think this needs a doctor. However, anyone else get this? Can you train through this? I am off today and may go to open mat tomorrow so the next class is not until Mon or Tues for me. Of course I will monitor it throughout the course of the day.
I've had one similar like what you described, where it only really hearts when you extend it, and it gets stiff. Its just a hyper extension. If you break your arm, you wouldn't even be able to type that whole thing. Took me a month for it to fully heal. Ice and anti inflamatory is you're friend.
I would lay off any hard training for a couple of weeks or until it feels at least 90%. Totally depends on your age. If you are under 25 then it will heal quickly and you will likely be back training in a week. If over 25 could take couple of months. just take it easy. Anything that hurts tendons, ligaments and muscles should be given respect.
Knowing my own body, I don't think this needs a doctor.

That's is a very dangerous mindset to get into. You may feel you know your own body, but seeing a medical professional to check injuries is always a good idea. Is it worth potentially messing it up further? Or alternately, wouldn't it be better to have it heal faster? A doctor, physio etc will be able to help you get back to training quicker, so when there is obviously something wrong as in your case, I'd strongly urge you to get it looked at.

Of course, I'm in the UK, so I'm not familiar with the costs of US healthcare. Nevertheless, while it can be difficult to earn back money you've spent, its impossible to get back time you could have been training.
Take some advil, rub some dirt on it, walk it off, and lay off it for a week or so. If it still bothers you, go see the doc.
Couple of guys I train with said to just "put the arm in your belt and play guard". And take it easy of course.

One of them had the same thing happen to him a few months ago and that is what he did.

There is no swelling either and no pain or weakness unless I really try and extend the elbow.
You hyper-extended your arm.

Welcome to the club!!! I've had my left arm hyper-extended three times!

Ice it for the first 48 hours, after that start applying heat to it to increase blood circulation to heal the damaged tissues.

Take some anti-inflammatories like Advil.

And do not I repeat do not try to use it in grappling for atleast a couple weeks, if you're young 2-3 weeks should be good if you don't do anything stupid like lift weights with it. Literally, just stop using that arm as much as possible.

You can always just stick it in your belt and play guard, I've grappled with one arm before many times.

The thing you should really learn from this is that anytime you think you injured something, if something pops or crackles or whatever, if something just doesn't FEEL right, then stop rolling. Just stop. Call it a night. The thing is with your body so warmed up, endorphins firing, adrenaline going, you're not going to feel the pain right away till after you cool down, and during all that time all you're doing is just further damaging your body. You're not pussing out if you call it a night, you're being a smart grappler. Grappling puts a tremendous amount of strain on your joints and the way you take care of your body when you're young will determine if you're still kicking butt later on in life or if you're all jacked up because you tried to be a tough guy.
A guy I rolled with put me in an Americana, and my elbow double cracked. It hurt so damn good, though sore the next few weeks.
Listen to what everyone else said.

I can't tell from your original post, but don't be a hero. If someone has a sub locked in on you, and you can't escape or stall, tap. Verbally tap if you have to. Being a hero inevitably leads to injury.
Take some advil, rub some dirt on it, walk it off, and lay off it for a week or so. If it still bothers you, go see the doc.

Ahh the old "rub some dirt in it" remedy. One of my personaly go to home remedies. Ranks up there with " Just walk it off".
If I were you I'd ask Lloyd Braun to set up an appointment with Dr. Dekter, Mayor Dinkin's orthopedist.

That is...unless you're faking?