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Apr 2, 2005
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Alright all, Im 17 and i finally found a place that i believe is the best its gonna get around my area. West. pa no car so my range is very limited! It cross trains. They do Jiu-jitsu, akido SP, Judo, and Kempo. The head guy is on the marine corps close combat board. So i imagine he is the real deal, older fellow i believe. This is the closest thing i got to MMA around here so i guess ill take it. My main thing I want to do is BJJ so i guess im just banking on this bein good enough. What do you guys think about this. I post this here b\c i respect this board alot more then MMA discussion, which this thread would prob get flammed. haha... thanks in advance ppl!
if you ever have the chance to make it up to New York the Western New York MMA Academy just opened. The grand opening is actually Feb 4 with the Carlson Gracie Seminar but we are rolling mon and fridays untill then. Check it out we have some guys from PA that roll.
mercer county, north of pittsburgh. well u prob know that.
I assume this is your first time training. It sounds like a good place.

As for your question, at a place like that you will probably not become quite as good at pure grappling as you would if you trained just BJJ. But that's okay, there's a lot more to the martial arts than just grappling.

A cross training place will get you familiar with ground grappling, stand up grappling, striking, and probably some weapons too. It's a good base to have. You might end up even deciding that you'd rather focus on something else other than BJJ.

So yeah, I'd definitely recommend such a place if you're just starting out.