Fights where you figured out a fighter was pretty good, win or loss.


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Jul 31, 2011
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For me two of most popular examples are GSP in his loss to Hughes and Rrry in his loss to Condit(got a feeling this ones going to be a popular vote)
Lesnar did pretty well in the first Mir fight that he lost by sub. I was impressed.
After Weidman's fights with Sakara/Bongfeldt I knew he'd be a force.
Michael McDonald vs Miguel Torres. I knew he was good but that fight really put stamp on it. That kids for real
When Gus lost to Davis, I got the sense that he still was the better fighter who just made a dumb mistake.

And Inb4 jones/hamill
Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia.
I thought that was the biggest mismatch in UFC history until the Old Man showed the world being old is just a #
And I'm not sure anyone has profited more from a loss than Sonnen did in the first Silva fight.
Mirko Cro Cop vs Andy Hug - Even tho i thought Cro Cop won it i was rooting for Hug in that fight as he was my idol at the time, and after watching Mirko go toe to toe with him i was sold on him especially when he started trading axe kicks with Hug which was just epic.

Fedor vs Heath - Became a huge Fedor believer after that and was favouring him against Nog,

Rampage vs Sakuraba - Thought Quinton could become the next Randleman and i was sort of right.
Dan Cormier Josh barnett and Cormier vs Bigfoot
Bigfoot vs Fedor
Fabricio vs JDS
Silva vs Franklin not on the first page =S
Even though I'm not a fan, Chael after the first Silva fight.

Forrest after the first Tito fight too.
Dan Hardy when he fought GSP. I didn't think he was especially good before that, but then I realized the UFC wouldn't give just anyone a title shot.