Fighting NHB in six months. Should I face 'The Cannon'?



Seriously, though...I'm gonna fight NHB in about six months, all things going as planned. My ankle is doing really well, and Marcelo gives discount rates if you fight for him! It means a lot with my shitty military salary. I'm literally going to be a 'hungry' fighter.

Anyway, I've asked Hojack for some advice, but he hasn't responded. I'm working pretty hard on my ground game, but I don't know any really good strikers to work with outside of Marcelo's. Maybe my buddy Roberts, who is a pit-bull...bad ass boxer who grew up with that Rob Lawler guy. I need to work on kicks, I think.

Fuck it, I don't know. I'm a big, bald ass-hole, so why not?
Do it! Go fight Shannon ritch, fuck it! If your losing you can always bite his ear off and try to save face.
Slash Maim Kill, and i'm not talking about "the cannon"
Big Bald assholes usually fair pretty well in any situation that involve utilizing the full assholiness potential. Bowl cut or Mullet sporting assholes generally fair the worst.
Razor thats an analogy to be quoted on....
Originally posted by RAZOR
Big Bald assholes usually fair pretty well in any situation that involve utilizing the full assholiness potential. Bowl cut or Mullet sporting assholes generally fair the worst.

Say that to Harold Howards face!

Dreadlocked guys with lisps do ok also.
Fight, Ranger. If you don't have good kicks, at least learn how to defend kicks.
Watch out for the crane kick, look what happened to anyone that stepped to daniel-san...ouch
Well, Marcelo brought in some world champion Muay Thai fighter (at some weird ass little-guy weight) to help round out his Vale Tudo classes. Maybe he can teach me how to kick without falling down, because right now I kick like Royler fighting Saku.
You better have at least a good low kick. You need a high kick too. GO FOR IT. Whats the worst that can happen? I am fighting my first NHB fight in 18 days
Good luck, Chute Boxe!!!! I hope you don't wind up as ugly as me after the fight. =)

I'm also considering joining Fetal Fighting, so that I can carry on the long tradition of Rangers getting their asses kicked ala Ranger Stott.

By the way...Ranger Stott was the from 82nd Airborne, and not a 'real' Ranger...aka, Ranger Regiment. He's a real Ranger like Vanderlei Silva is an Abercrombie and Fitch model.
You know not to shit in your koolaid there Ranger and please don't take offense but, why is it that alot of ex miltary get their asses handed to them in one on one fighting?

Seriously, Please don't tell me its because they are trained to kill only.
Hand to hand combat is pretty much never going to happen. We spend more time (at least in my unit) in killing with weapons, land navigation, calling for fire...all that shit. Doesn't leave but once a week to do BJJ.

A lot of guys think because they're military that they can kick ass on anybody, which isn't true. Generally speaking, the more professional the soldier, the BETTER the soldier, the more humble they are. If I win, it's not because I'm in the military..although some of the discipline and physical conditioning may's because Marcelo trained me well, or I got luckly. If I lose, it's because of me...not because I'm military.
Ranger, you yet again have earned some more of my respect with that last post. I think that was the best way that couldve been answered. And Im not upset at you for picking on me when i played d&d at the lunch table.
It was all a facade, Waylander. I read a series of books by Robert Jordan (sound like the main character of For Whom the Bell Tolls? eh???) called 'The Wheel of Time'. Fantasy, although I'm not typically a big fan of the genre. I'm a nerd too, I fear. =)