Fighters under your radar, and your initial thoughts on them

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by giovanni002, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. giovanni_ss Taeyeon Belt Staff Member Senior Moderator

    Jul 22, 2011
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    I'm talking about fighters whom you haven't seen/heard lately, and when you see them fighting on a card, you have this first thought on them

    For example:

    Rafael Dos Anjos - He's been doing good lately and impressed a lot of people, but since I haven't seen and tuned on to his fights, I'll aways remember him as the guy who was victimized by Lil Heathen with his beautiful uppercut. But from watching the Bocek fight, he has improved so much and I wanna see more of him

    Jay Hieron - He has a fight upcoming against Woodley, but since I haven't heard of him in a while, I didn't realize he had a good winning streak outside the UFC and racked some wins before having the rematch with Ellenberger. Nonetheless, I'll always remember him in the highlight of getting knocked down by a young GSP standing

    Kyle Kingsbury - Haven't seen him since the Bonnar fight, and I haven't seen his fight with Glover yet. And for me, I'll always remember what he had done to Philippe Nover's sushi (which Dave Kaplan ate) *Hit me up if you know what I mean

    Jacob Volkmann - Before he became this sort of comedian like the "Chael Sonnen" type, it took me a year to realize that he's already fighting at LW division. For me, he'll always be the guy at Welterweight who has a nickname "Christmas" and I thought was cut after losing to Paolo Thiago and Kampmann

    Papy Abedi - ..and his saliva. That always pops in my head when I see/hear his name. Sorry Papy and no offense

    So do you have something on your mind? To simplify it, just post:

    I'll always remember/(Fighter name) will always be the guy who/who go ___________ by ____________.
  2. Killroy Purple Belt

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    Gonzaga will always be the guy who knocked out Crocop so when he fights, I always look for him to do something similar even though he's a bjj guy

    From now on, Dave Herman will always be the guy who said bjj doesn't work and was than armbarred by Noguiera
  3. Grappling Magic SAKU BELT

    Jan 3, 2004
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    I'll always remember TIm Sylvia who will always be the guy who/who got KTFO by boxer-turned-mixed martial artist Ray Mercer in 9 seconds in an MMA fight.
  4. DarthChen731 Gold Belt

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    I'll always remember this thread as something that I opened and then thought was dumb.

    Strike that, I'll forget this thread by the time I leave work.
  5. scoobie_wrc The One

    Aug 4, 2006
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