Fighters that seem willing if not prefer fighting in a style against their strengths.


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Jul 6, 2008
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Another thread got me thinking about this. Fighters whos style seems and comfort zone in a fight seems strange when considering their skill set.

Two that came to mind:

1. Jorge Gurgel - Stylistically classified as a "brawler".. teaches high level BJJ outside the octagon. He should be teaching bar fighting.

2. Diego Sanchez - Basically a grind it out wear you down wrestler who acctually was never really that good at wrestling. He particularly struggled with takedowns 0-27 vs BJ Penn. Clearly a flawed style to skillset ratio here.
- Demian Maia was starting to drift away from his strength, but ever since dropping down to WW he seems to realize what got him to the UFC in the first place.

- Urijah Faber stopped using his wrestling as much and has lost a lot of big fights because he thinks he's a top striker now.

- Gabriel Gonzaga abandoned his BJJ for awhile during his HW run.

- Gray Maynard would probably be the lightweight champion right now if he used his wrestling more in his loss and draw to Frankie.
Maia is definitely the first one that comes to mind.

Besides that, I think that Rashad has been striking too much and not going with his wrestling, as well as BJ just being alright with standing up with anyone and not even attempt to use his incredible bjj
Jacare is not technically in the UFC yet, but he has also started to veer away from his BJJ roots. His striking has improved, but he's asking for trouble.
Isn't Wanderlei a BJJ black belt? All he does is brawl.
Definitely BJ. i love him but he tries to box even though hes a bjj progidy who never wants to go down.
Lyoto, all he does is strike now. But hes been a bjj black belt for like 12 years or something and he started fighting by just using his grappling
Martin Kampmann

Kampmann always plays into his opponents strengths and never uses the advantages he has over certain opponents
i dont know, but anytime i hear about jorge i think about his fight with (see third man listed in my sig). yikes, hearing a grown man scream is disturbing