fighters losing their untouchable auro


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Jan 26, 2010
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these fighters were known to be untouchable during fights taking minimal damage then suddenly they switched thing up and started getting into wars every fight.

frankie edgar - known to have good head movement and footwork and taking very little damage, then suddenly gets into 2 wars with maynard getting dropped and rocked and also got into a war with bendo 2 times.

maynard - known to have excellent striking and knockout power and overall powerhouse wrestler taking no damage in any fights. suddenly gets into massive wars with edgar and even get free head shots to guida not giving a shit about taking damage.

have a few more fighter examples.
Every fighter can be beat on any given night. If anyone actually believes that certain fighters have an untouchable aura, they're dense. Eventually everyone loses.
Everyone can be beaten...even Glover Teixeira.
Watching a JDS highlight just isn't the same anymore.
Here' s a fighter losing what little he had left of his aura

Watching a JDS highlight just isn't the same anymore.

if you put some clips of the three take downs he defended against Cain in the last fight, and then put the Fox KO after that part, it makes it a little bit better
I've never considered Maynard a KO artist. I can't even recall him having more than that one KO in the UFC.

Didn't he KO himself one time?
It can happen so quickly in MMA. With 4 oz gloves, then once a fighter gets KO'd, it can happen easier the next time.

That's why it is the best sport on the planet. Anything can happen.

Minotauro Noguera

Mauro Ronaldo
Machida when he got Shogunned, and Chuck when Rashad ko'ed him. And yeah definitely when Werdum subbed Fedor.
A lot of people felt that the near submission Belfort had on Jones exposed him a bit.
Silva when he was dominated for 20+ mins by Sonnen.