Fighter Ranking System


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May 27, 2005
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I frequent, and they have a rather nice "MMA Top Ten" that incorporates votes from commentators, analysts, and fighters as well.

I was thinking that it would be nice if Sherdog had a user-determined ranking system.

Maybe you could vote for the top ten in each weight class each month, or maybe every user could maintain their own list that could be changed at anytime and the overall rankings would be updated in real-time. You could also require people to resubmit their list (Perhaps just an update button) so that older, out of date list don't mess with the current rankings. (Ex. Had this list existed 10 yrs ago, we'd have alot of users with Tank Abbott rounding out their #1 heavyweight spot.) Maybe you could also view other peoples lists under their profiles.

Perhaps you could require a certain number of posts (500+ or something) in order to able to cast a vote. Not only would this reduce multiple voting, but it would also reduce storage space neededand bandwidth used.

I think it would be a useful feature, for it would get rid of most of the "Who do you think is the best p4p?" and "Here's my top 5 lightweights" threads.

(Has this been suggested before?)