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Nov 6, 2006
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i loooved in pride how the refs wore head cams. the footage was so gritty and real, and the emotion on fighters was so cool to see. i was just wondering what everyones' favorite fights would be to watch if each fighter had to wear a head cam (illogical of course), almost as a first person perspective. i would love to see:

wanderlei vs rampage II
seeing wanderlei coming at me like a monster would be nuts. fucking crazy. and to see rampage obsorbing all those strikes. the fear in rampage must of been palpable. the last thing you see is rampage hanging over the ropes.

duffee vs russow UFC 102
watching out of duffee's cam would be hilarious. you're easily beating this kind of flabby, unassuming fighter in russow for two and a half rounds, and then all of a sudden the last thing you see is a short right and then all goes to black. russow's cam would be even more hilarious, you're getting beat by this young prospect body builder looking character, and then you finally throw a right, it connects, and the guy is out cold. it kinda plays out like a video game.

anderson vs forrest UFC 101
before this fight anderson's striking from what i remember was considered amazing, but this fight made him a living legend. watching out of anderson's cam would be ridiculous to watch; all of those strikes being perfectly landed, destroying a professional fighter with such ease. but more than any other cam, i would love to see out of forrest's. being the center of anderson's focus during this fight would be unreal. imagine throwing strikes and then watching the way anderson would move and counter... slipping and ducking everything, letting you punch him, and then out of nowhere a falling back jab turns everything off. so cool.

what fights would you guys like to see?
That would be cool as shit. Maybe in the future, camera contact lenses.
I'd like to see Anderson v. Leben from both perspectives.
Hendo vs Bisping/Babalu II/Shogun/Fedor/Renzo/Wandy II

War Hendo
Camera mouth pieces.
Oh and Garcia/Zombie might be fun to see like that.
Hendo vs Bisping/Babalu II/Shogun/Fedor/Renzo/Wandy II

War Hendo

yeah. some guys i would just watch their whole career. shit, nogeuria's career on a whole would be like watching every rocky in order.
Most aldo fights. or anyone fighting nick diaz