Favorite Submission?



Sorry if it has been posted before, but in honor of my blue belt I wanted to see if any of you guys love certain submissions as much as I do.

I love the Kimura and put my friends in it all the time, it is truly great, but hard to finish someone with in many positions
armbar duhh, omaplata is always fun too if you cant finish your armbar
i'd like to learn the proper technique for an arm triangle it seems effective, I am not very good with my chokes, i am not sure why
As someone who has only been taking classes for about a month, the americana is my fav. It seems to be the easiest so far.
The only sub i've ever gotten someone with so far is an Armbar so I'm gonna have to say that would be my fav. In honour of fedor too...
Sub I like doing the most: armbar from top

Sub I do the most: arm triangle from bottom.
the one they tap to


But being as how I've only submitted one person in Judo comp (pin or throw for ippon wins most of my matches) I'll go with the arm-triangle from my second match ever.
Good old guillotine for me :)
Not because it's easy or particularly effective, it's just really fun to do from guard.

I'd have to say though, chokes are the most satisfying submissions.. the feeling of being able to black out somebody's consciousness completely.
Favorite=Armbar, Arm triangle, or an triangle from the mount.
Most effective=guillotine anyday of the week