Favorite Submission win in UFC


Jul 3, 2012
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As of late the Damien Maia vs Rick Story neck crank got me thinking. What are some of the best all time submission wins.
Mir has a couple.Tank, Tim, Nog...

Matt and Gsp's armbar wins over each other are very spectacular as well.

Any leg submission from Palhares.
This comes to mind instantly, everything about is so slick.



Big Nog vs Tim

Anderson vs Chael

Any Dustin Hazelett sub win

Cole Miller vs Dan Lauzon


A sub usually is a slower thing of precision and careful spacing rather than a flurry of insanity. This was a jaw dropping, eye popping sub on a goddamn master.
No Gif, but for some reason my favorite submission is Frank Mir over Pete Williams.
jones' choke on machida is pretty much my favorite..

the grappling equivalent of KTFOing someone

I knwn its ufc related, buttttt i think we should expand our discussion and pay attention on others events, just to remember, Rumina Sato flying armbar and that amazing flying knee bar that got AS.
BJ subbing Kenflo on the 4th
Chonan/Silva is also one of the best, and not even because it has the absurd sight of Silva losing.


Edit: Just noticed you said UFC, but maybe we can expand that to UFC fighters?
joe lauzon vs curtwarbuton
joe lauzon vs ruediger
joe lauzon vs jeremy stephens
and most recent joe lauzon vs jamie varner beautiful

i just love joe lauzons jitz...sweeps are nasty..

also tj waldaburger last weekend when he went from that guillotine to triangle pretty nice
I know its not the BEST submission ever
But in the context that it was two stand up fighters, and the way Siver traps the arm.

It was easily my favorite submission, the way Winner is struggling and you can see his trapped arm trying so hard to get free, it was just a nasty Sub.