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Fairtex Super Bag Gloves or Ringside IMF Tech Bag Gloves?


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Apr 19, 2008
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I've done a bit of searching and these are the two names that crop up re: bag gloves that are recommended.

A lot of people seem to think that the Fairtex's are more expensive but they are cheaper at the moment.

Can anyone recommend one over the other? I heard that the fastening of fairtex's isn'T as good as the ringside's???

the ultimate classic super bag gloves are $70 bucks at ringside (same price as the fairtex super sparring), while IMF Tech Bag gloves are $60 bucks, as far as the closure goes I havent heard any direct comparisons between the super sparring gloves and the IMF bag gloves but the difference in design is the IMF Tech have a D ring hook and loop closure (I havent tried a glove with a D ring hook and loop but I imagine its similar to a regular hook and loop/velcro closure), I think the question you really need to ask yourself is what weight would you like? and is there a specific kind of padding, design or feel your looking for?
Fairtex 12oz uni-layer high density foam
IMF Tech 14oz IMF Injected Molded Foam
Ultimate Classic Super Bag Gloves 16oz Multi layer closed cell foam
Also Adam, keep in mind that if you're looking for the Fairtex bag gloves from Combat Sports/Ringside, they only have the 12oz. size available. I've believe that someone told me that they were going to be discontinued...

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Adam, I don't know how big you are(I'm 245lbs), but I couldn't get my hands in the Fairtex super bag gloves with wraps on. They are a well made compact glove. They guy I sold them to, loves them.
Thanks for your responses.
I went witht the ringside IMF techs because they are 14oz and i want a bit of weight even though i will be focusing on speed and power when wearing them. Ill do a review when i get my hands on (or in) them!

I have worn both of those gloves, I liked the Ringside ones better
Please remember to give us a review, even if it is just brief. I am still deciding which pair of bag gloves I want to purchase.
I own the fairtex super bag gloves and my brief review: These are great if you have average or smaller hands. I have small hands and with wraps on these fit much better than most other gloves I have tried on. They have good comfort and great padding. The only downside is that you have to get them in 12 oz and maybe if you have big hands then this will be uncomfortable for you.
Please remember to give us a review, even if it is just brief. I am still deciding which pair of bag gloves I want to purchase.

No worries, as soon as they arrive I'll test drive them.

On a different note, I did own the throwdown ultimate bag gloves which were supposed to be 12oz but actually weighed 18oz (more than my windy 16ozs sparring gloves) when i weighed the two. I noticed that they felt heavier than the windys during training and didn't want to sacrifice speed when doing mitt and bag work so offloaded them to my brother.
I have a pair of the 12oz Fairtex bag gloves and find that my hand hurts after bag work with them.

I'd stick with heavier 16 oz bag gloves.