FAIRTEX Gloves - Review.


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Jan 7, 2005
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Pro Training Gloves, Mexican-Style 14 oz

Holy Shit! These gloves are far better then i thought, The gloves whent over all my expectations. As soon is i try`d these gloves out, i was sold.

The fit is just perfect, the shape is just perfect. Heck, even the smell is perfect.

If you are goin to work the Heavy bag and thai mitts. Then the Fairtex Heavy Hitter
Anything Fairtex puts out is the Shit...Great bags and gloves!! Great Quality
Yeah Fairtex is known for making excellent gear. Congrats on your purchase.
glad your happy, the one year of anticipation mustve been killing you.
Good to hear, Ill be looking for some gloves in the comming months and Ill definitally be looking at Fairtex. Be sure and update us on how they do in afew months, I would like to know how you think they hold up long term.
Problem with Fairtex is they never seem to have any of their stock in. I ordered some shorts and shin guards from there online site only to find out a week later they never had it in stock. So I have since been interested in 4 other things from their online site and always call them to check if they have it and they never do. The same guy always gives me the same excuse, oh we are getting in a shipment in 2 weeks or so. It was real sad when I called a week ago about new gloves and the guy said We don't have ANY gloves in at all. I was like you have got to be kidding me, your site shows like 20 different styles and he says they havent had them for months. It is pretty bad they never have stock and on top of that they don't make mention of it being sold out on their website.