Fairtex Glove clones??


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Jun 24, 2004
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Everyother glove design seems to have it's clones except for this brand. Twins come close but not quite. I know most gloves are made in pakistan hence the opportunity for clones. So these being made in Thailand I take it they are made exclusively for Fairtex. I need another pair but no place domesticly has them in stock.

I tried to order them direct but it's a hassle and they also seem to be out of stock. The quote of $68 for shipping from Thailand to California was nice too. If anyone knows of a similar design please let me know. Some TruthMMA clones of the fairtex design would be nice, :)
Well, they're not clones....but they are pretty damn close.

can't you backorder them from fairtex.com??

i was recently there at the Bangkok ftx camp and saw their little production facility. they literally do hand make all their products...
mmawarehouse is currently out of stock. The KONJO gloves are great though.
How are those even similar? It looks like all they share is the wrist wrap, but maybe I'm wrong. They just look completely different to me.