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Fairtex Diagonal Vision Sparring Headguard Lace-Up Top


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Jan 1, 2011
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does anyone own this headgear? really thinking about getting one


ive been using the cleto reyes headgear for a while now mma/muay thai sparring. Its just not good enough for vision. When i take of the headgear i feel more comfy,because i see everything coming.but.. when i use the cleto im not as confident since i can barely see kicks coming. If anyone owns this can they give me some feedback on vision and comfort?
Never seen it before, but I'm interested now that I have. Looking to step up from my Everlast competition headgear.
Never seen it before, but I'm interested now that I have. Looking to step up from my Everlast competition headgear.

its pretty new, i havent kept up with all the new gear coming out lately. but since ive realize the headgear i have been using for months has been blockin most of my vision.
I just ordered this and it should be here by the end of March. Stay tuned for the review haha.
Right now I have 3 (FG5000, Top King full face, JC Pacheco facebar).

Sold 3 (Didn't like the 1st two then sold my white Winning FG5000 to get a custom).

Heard good things about Fairtex so I'm going to test this one out to see if it's worth the hype. If it wasn't for ebay and the ability to sell used items for a reasonable price back (brand names go for higher), I probably wouldn't buy all this stuff and test them out.
This arrived in the mail this past week and I already took pictures and tested it in sparring. I'm going to test it in sparring again with a different group of people so I can better assess it's qualities. So far it's a tight fit since I ordered it one size small (but it works), and the padding isn't as heavy as my top king one. There is some nose protection, but if you get punched you will feel it a little (just because it doesn't show the glove coming through in pictures, doesn't mean it will).

So this Thursday I will test the padding to see if it really is lighter than my other headgear.
What are they referring to as a "wind shield"?
So far it is way more compact than my Top King one and not bulky.

But yeah, the windshield is a thin piece of leather across the ears.