Facesaver of full face?


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Jan 25, 2008
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About to pick up some headgear from KO fightgear and was wondering do many people use face savers? Will it protect my nose from being broken? I am really looking for some opinions from people who have used both.

They will but they hinder your view, I use to use the KO's facesaver but It was irritating for Muay Thai. The will really save your face for sure but it also adds alot of area to hit which is the downsize.
Clamp is basically right on. The facesaver style is great for protecting your nose and face from bruising. HOwever your vision is reduced but I don't find it that bad. I use mine alot to teach in works great.

It does make your head a larger target and some shots that would be short land because of the nose bar. You can devolp a false sense of security wearing it though because it does an excellent job of reducing the felt impact of shots.

Now if clenching is allowed like in Mauy Thai it sorta sucks. Cause once they get ahold of you your not going anywere.

I use mine alot cause facial bruising isn't really something that my job is too hip on. However you will get bruising along the brow from the gear like any other head gear if you like to block with your forehead.
I train less experienced people in stand up, so I allow myself to eat their punches to get them along the path to sparring, thus I need it to protect my mug from all those punches. Otherwise, I have sparred with open face gear, and it is better for the vision - although short sighted that I am, doesn't really help that much, by the time I see a punch coming, it's nearly too late...

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