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Fabricio Werdum issues dire warning on Jon Jones

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by I Am Legion, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. I Am Legion Silver Belt

    Jun 11, 2013
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    I dont see Werdum getting a TD, and I dont think Jones would pursue Werdum on the ground. I give Werdum the edge but I def think JBJ could beat him on the feet and get a win. JDS would be a tougher fight imo because JDS is a beast on the feet and the size will help him stay there vs JJ wrestling.
  2. Pterodactyl Brown Belt

    Nov 29, 2009
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    Werdum is such a troll. It is hilarious...
    But seriously, in my estimation, Jones has only one way to win this particular fight, and that is by making it a point fighting contest with lots of movement.
    Werdum has gassed a few times, so theoretically Jones could bring an intense pace for a couple of rounds, tire Werdum out, and beat him up in the championship rounds much like he did against Cormier. I personally don't see him being able to execute this particular strategy against Doom though. Jones wouldn't have the strength and leverage advantage that he typically does against Werdum, and I question whether or not he could bully Fabricio against the cage. Even if he could, he might well find that Werdum's clinch game is tougher than any he has faced (admittedly training with AO would help). I wouldn't be shocked to see Werdum put Jones on his back from the clinch either. Yeah, Jones is obviously the better wrestler, but Doom is a Black Belt in Judo and a damn strong and crafty veteran. Werdum is bigger, stonger, more powerful, and more dangerous everywhere a fight can go than anyone Jones has faced; and likely Jones himself. The only advantages I can see Jones being able to exploit are speed and cardio in hopes for a decision. On the other hand, Werdum can finish the fight at any moment or possibly win a decision.
    If there is a single guy in the UFC who has improved as much as Jones has over the past few years, Fabricio is that guy. Most of my thoughts regarding a HW fight for Jones have been based on fights with JDS and Cain, and I said yesterday that they were the only two fighters that I would still favor over Jones (which is a massive complement). But now that it has been brought up, I think I would also favor Werdum.
    Jones, Jackson, and Dana...make one of these fights happen in 2015.
    Werdum is so underrated on this sight in my opinion despite a resume that includes submission victories against Fedor, Nog, Aleks, and Reem, bell to bell striking clinics against Nelson and Browne, and a clean KO of Mark Hunt. The guy is a threat to anyone at any weight class.

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