evening post workout meals?


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Jul 5, 2007
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hey guys need some advice,

2 out of the 3 lifting workouts i do in a week are in the evening between about 8 and 9pm. aside from my post workout shake should i be having a substantial meal? i know eating carbs at night spikes your ****bolic rate making it hard for your body to repair during sleep, but i also know its important to eat carbs after a workout, especially when your gaol is to gain lean mass. what gives? i've been eating tuna on a single piece of toast and a few cups of spinach, any better ideas/advice?

thanks all
depending on how intense your exercise bout is would tell you tell you if you should have a ton of carbs or not but either way you need to get something in if you want to give your body a chance to repair. Take in you carbs post workout that you think you need based on your workout and then check yourself in a few weeks and see if gained body fat and then reaccess. ITs going to be different for everyone.