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espn article on cal/hops


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May 29, 2005
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i think this guy really gets boxing, while many here and in general accuse hops of running and refusing to fight; very few acknowledge the mental/tech/phys acumen it takes to do what he does against guys who are often more gifted and many times accomplished exp champs, not fighters..but champs.

he makes outstanding guys look ordinary, win lose or draw; an he did the same last night, even roy wants joe after how bhops made him look....

he did it to tito-oscar-joppy-tarver-calzaghe-jones jr-all exp champs, most of them at one point or another were p4p and all but two were HOF...

i know he is not AESTHETICALLY pleasing, but he is eff and very scientific/tech;-)
Both Mulvaney and you hit it square on the head in regards to the Hop/Calzaghe fight.

It wasn't a pretty fight but we knew going in it likely wouldn't be.

What it was however was a good fight between two great fighters who both showed a good measure of skill in their own way.

I don't think either fighter should be maligned for their performance or their tactics.
Very nice article, I think he hit all the major points right on the head! Bravo!
Great article but it was true, Calzaghe just threw way too many punches and landed way more punches for Hopkins to overcome. I like this guy, I think I'll make it a priority to read all of his boxing-related columns now.