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Jun 18, 2005
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I really had a "real" sparring session for the 1st time in a loooooooooooooong while. I noticed I was really hesitant to throw a jab to start, but when I got hit, I threw punches like a madman. I was comfortable throwing kicks, but the guy I was sparring with is a brown belt in BJJ, so i dont want to keep throwing them in case he catches one. I mean, He's fought in UFC and can own me at pretty much any given time, but he was being nice.

Should I throw more kicks since I'm comfortable, or force the jab or what.? It was really confusing.
Are you doing mma? or just thai boxing or what?
Seems to me that you've to relearn how to be prepared to take a hit. Based on what you've written, you only engage when you get agitated. This is bad. Relax a little and spar more, you'll get back into your groove.
whatever you feel like working on, you need to be able to use your hands and legs. I sometimes throw all kicks or all hands or just limit what i do when sparring, or use a combination of things. since sparring is when you should probably experiment and work on a number of things

and let him grab your leg sometimes. you should work on takedown defence and being able to attack when someone does that, as oppose to what most ppl do when they get grabbed