elbow injury



we were drilling the spin out arm bar escape today and everything went fine except i just got home and my left arm won't bend more then 1/2 way ... i don't think anything is broken its the muscle on the inside where the arm bends thats really hurting

anyone know what this is and if its something i should just wait out or go see a doc?
Make sure you ice it. If it is bad enough that you can't bend it a sling to immobilize it to prevent further damage may help. I would go to the DR (of course I did not when the same happened to me). If the DR does not find anything more than a sprain, he will probably give you anti-inflamatory pills.
For what it is worth, here is what I did to get better and I never stopped practicing which wasn't the smartest thing to do, I just did not want to miss any training.
It might just be sprained or slightly overextended. When I injured my elbow (popped), I purchased an elbow brace and took anti-inflammatory pills the first week. I then purchased elastic bands to regain flexibility and to rehab the arm. The elbow brace prevented me from overextending the arm and te elastic bands helped me strenghten it to the point where I was able to lift weights to strengthen the arm altogether. This was my experience. Regardless, a visit to the Doc is in order as you do not want to mess around with injuries.
Yeah the best thing you could do is go to the doc. Till then you could take advil it has anti-inflamitory...it's not as good as what the anti-inflam the doc gives you but if you don't have insurance it's prolly your best bet. Listen to your body if you really think you just sprainied it you should be out a week or more depending on how severe the sprain. If it doesn't vastly improve after a week, then you should definitely take that doc visit. Heal up bro. Ice it up and rest it. Do a lot of cardio till it gets better so you don't feel stagnant.
Take this advice. I didn't, and mine still won't bend more than 90 degrees without pain, and that was two years ago that I injured mine.
By the way, mine is muscle/ligament damage, not bone.
The ol Rest Ice Compression Elevation may do you some good. A trip to the doc is always a good thing when it comes to jits.
ice, and if the pain doesn't go in 1-2 days, see the doc, probably antiflamatory drugs will do the trick...