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May 3, 2010
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so I got a kindle for Xmas and want to get some mobi copies of the physical books I have. anyone know of good places to get some good mobis besides TPB
You plan to pirate books? If you like a book then you should pay the author so he can write more

come on, ts. i thought you were better than that.
There is PUBLIC DOMAIN stuff at the Gutenberg project. Classics and non fiction mostly.
I've been looking for mobi of 1984 lately for the same reason.
mobilism.org is good. There's a few private trackers. I use Bibliotik.
and I do. but Im not paying twice to have a digital version.

Same here. When I buy a book, I will buy an actual book. I will put it on my bookshelf and then go download the digital version (if available) to put on my e-reader.

I treat it like a CD. I'll go buy a CD, and then either rip it myself or download a copy (should I not have access to a computer with an optical drive) to toss on my mp3 player. While there is an easy method of digitizing an album at home, converting a physical book to e-formats isn't practical, especially when the publishers themselves have to do so little work to get it done (since the base text document is likely already digital).

The Gutenberg project is pretty awesome. You should also see if your local library has a digital lending program. My library uses Adobe Digital Editions as it's distribution platform, which links to your device and your library card, and provides a DRM'd, time limited epub file (they have another platform for devices that can't read epub).

Also, check through the Amazon store, as they might have a collection of public domain books that you can download right through your device (will likely be a lot of the same titles as the ones on Project Gutenberg). My Kobo (through Chapters/Indigo) can access hundreds of free books like that (though there are some titles with multiple copies/formats/editions).