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Media Dustin Poirier appears in new Bud Light commercial

I've been noticing their adds plastered around the octagon for awhile. Quite funny to me how try hard they're going.

Also Is this foreshadowing a future tranny division?
Trump says to drink it now!

Then again his brother died of alcoholism and he decided to start a (failed) Vodka business.
Wow a billionaire failed at something? I’m definitely not voting for him now what a loser. Thanks for convincing me not to like trump.

Him failing that business is racist and transphobic
Confirmed Dustin will be transitioning after the Islam loss and fighting Nunes in her comeback fight.
probably almost 100% of the people who were drinking it before, since most people aren't losers who turn every single aspect of life into a boring culture war. either drink a beer or don't, no one cares. go outside

I also love that people think MNCs are left or right. All they give a shit about is $$, they don't give a fuck about LGBTQ rights or wokeness..they don't care about the "blue collar working class" or rural white voter, or whoever is pissed off about the Mulvaney thing...they just people to buy their (fucking awful) beer.