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drilling shots?


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Nov 4, 2004
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it would seem that this is hard on the knees, what's your guys thoughts?
Extremely important if you want to have a decent shot. If it's to much for your knees, just buy knee pads.
buy some knee pads ... having a good shot will make all other take downs way easier
Kneepads are one answer, but you really shouldn't be slamming your knees that hard into the mat that it would hurt them.

Anyway, drilling is essential if you want your takedowsn to be minimally effective.
What DJ said!
Your shouldnt be pounding your KNEE down too hard, the other knee(on duckwalking drills) should touch the mat at all.
Basically you should pentrate touch the lead knee to the mat for a moment and then slide your trailing leg up quickly.

What I have a prob with is mat burn on my instep from dragging the trailing leg when doing it barefoot.
buy knee pads, drill them on a padded surface and try not to slam your knees into the floor when you shoot, this really is'nt rocket science.
wow...yea..it is hard on the knees..suck it up..its training
knoxpk said:
What I have a prob with is mat burn on my instep from dragging the trailing leg when doing it barefoot.

Heck, this is the one of many places where I miss my wrestling shoes!
Im just guessing that if you are slamming your knee, that means you arent dropping your level at all or atleast not enough. Try dropping your level before you shoot, see if that helps.
well I'm not slamming my knee, and it doesn't cause me any kind of pain whatsoever, i was talking more about continual stress over the years if it would add up to knee problems, thanks for the replys! ^_^
nahhhh I dont think it will have a huge long term affect. You are doing these drills with your own bodyweight and as many have said you shouldnt be banging your knees.
But I dont know too many "OLD" former wrestlers so the examples I look at are the older guys in MMA...Dan Severn, Couture, Henderson and others. they "seem" to be holding up fine.
If it hurts when you shoot you're doing it wrong. Change levels and take a fluid shot. Work on form and technique before you add speed. I'm 27 and I've wrestled since age 11. No knee problems here.....you are drilling these on a mat.....right? Gravel and or concrete will definitly damage knees....

I used to shave my knees because the mats rip the hair out anyways. Try that or get some sleeves/pads. Asics makes good ones.
Get kneepads,....alot of the wrestlers here at my college use the volleyball ones ontop of their regular knee sleeve type of pads....