Double Mouthguards


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Oct 11, 2005
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Why don't pro fighters use them?

The only one I've seen use a double was Dan Severn.

Do Double mouthguards help to resist a KO when smacked on the chin?

I'm strongly considering getting a Double Mouthguard fitted by a Dentist soon, but first I want to know your views on them.
i dont think a double is neccesary.. a single is more comfortable, protects fine, lighter, and better breathing passage... Those are a couple reasons for me anyways.
Yea it's also harder to breath with a double. I don't think their is a huge difference from getting hit with a single to a double, unless your mouth is open :D
Witha double, it only has a hole at the front to breathe through so it can restrict ur breathing
I believe I saw Frank Trigg wearing one

Edit: but yeah, I tried em when boxing and then switched to single (top/roof of mouth only) and it was about 5x easier to breathe with the single [plus a lot more comfortable]
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I don't really see the need for a double. If pros, who get hit by the best in the business don't wear them, I don't think I need to.
Protecting my teeth/jaw/brain is much more important to me than breathability. I'm not a fighter, so I'll only be using it for sparring, occasionaly heavy sparring.