double leg takedown


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Nov 17, 2005
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Eya , are there any exercises to get more flexible at my takedowns , i have trouble getting on my knee with a double leg , bending my knees is pretty hard.

someone that could help me out?

thx alot

sry for my crappy english
Just drill the entry like hell. Knee down or not, just make a habit to train that entry with both sides.
if i were you id drill the knee down version as much as possible first it will let you get used to commiting to the takedown and getting good penetration. Besides your going to have to get used to coming down for head insides and head outsides.
Duck walks are good.

To assist in developing a penetration step, there is another dril in which you start out with your 2 feet together, change levels, take a penetration step, drop to your knee, and shoot.You then alternate legs as you proceed across the floor repeating this.

I'll see if I can find a video of the drill and post it.

Another drill involves bouncing a medicine ball on the floor, and shooting under it before it can hit you on the return. Here is what that looks like:
^ that shit looks pretty hardcore, you miss, you're fucked.