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Dos Santos Nike Shirt


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May 8, 2010
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Anyone know where you can order the Dos Santos Nike shirt?
Or even Anderson's or Jones' Nike shirts?

I looked all over for it and couldn't find shit. Maybe it's only local in brazil.
I also wanted to buy shirts of AS and JDS but I can not find here in Rio has a Nike store but it is far from my house
Only in Brazil which is stupid. I think the AS one was limited to one store.
I just read that they're not for sale yet. Does Nike release at certain times throughout the year?
Nike missing out on revenue, what are they thinking?
I've never been in the shop for Nike here in Rio de Janeiro, but I suppose it they should sell shirts of football teams such as MU, Barca, Juventus and Corinthians... if they are selling shirts of Silva and JDS surely be a bestseller but I do not understand why not sell...
I'd love a Dos Santos T-Shirt as well. Nike really need to sort this out.
If you're into shoes you know Nike has a strange way of releasing products.
Yeah, its weird how Nike limits it strictly to Brazil.

They'd have a market in the US for sure.
Depending on the price I would buy a t-shirt from JDS

The Pretorian one was pretty cool and its pretty cheap in Brazil too, but I would like to see the new one from Nike
Just asked the Nike website, should get a response on Monday. I'll let you know what they say.
It's hard to find that shirt here in Brazil too. I'll be looking for and if find where to buy I'll post here.
Nike Ipanema and Corinthians, both local stores, nothing online. =/
well, i happened to google jds nike t shirt and i found this pic...

which lead me to this....
Nike missing out on revenue, what are they thinking?

True. My father is a general manager of Foot Locker stores in this area and he has been asked about the Jonny Bones shirt once, twice a week.

Junior shirt would be killer!