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Don't look here. People will complain.


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Feb 26, 2008
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Don't look here. I'm tired of hearing people complain about it and then doing the exact same thing. Hypocrites.
I think you should be careful...you can't "whore" out anything on the G&E forum. That's not really what we are here to discuss. This isn't an auction...
that's actually a pretty sweet deal, but i don't really trust ebay sellers.
that's actually a pretty sweet deal, but i don't really trust ebay sellers.

ebay has been good to me, thats why you read the ratings of the sellers. You find some interesting stuff on here most times.
DAMNIT, I would love those MMA gloves but I just spent enough money on shorts this weekend. ARGH
You're right, and normally I wouldn't... but I want them gone as quickly as possible.

So just because you want your stuff gone as quickly as possible it makes it ok to violate the forum rules???
I think there's a bunch of other companies (including myself) that visit the forum regularly and actually provide a lot of very helpful information to all of us, that would also like their stuff gone as quickly as possible, but are not "whoring out" our stores trying to get free advertising here.
Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get rid of it. I PM'd an admin to have it removed.
Sherdog has very strict G&E rules so you will want to be very careful with threads like this.
mods must be on vacation. they're usually pretty quick with the banhammer.
Wow... Evil Glove is really observant with the timing of the posts... I'm trying to have it removed, the more you post on it, the more times it gets brought up to the front...