Does Soy Protein Cause gas?


Mar 15, 2005
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I was on vacation and could not find my favorite protein bar - Pure Protein -It has 32 Gms of Whey Protein.

I found a differnet brand. It had 30 gms of protein, however it listed Soy Protein and Whey Protein. It listed the soy first, so iassume that it has more soy then Whey.

The bars tasted ok, however, after eating one, I would fart a lot. Is that my body telling me that it can't digest soy protein?
No, you can digest soy. I don't recollect ever seeing anything suggesting soy is more likely to cause gastrointestinal distress than whey protein concentrate (which has been shown to cause that).
Yeah, I was ripping ass for the first few days when I was taking Whey protein but I think that my body has gotten used to it by now...
I have more gas than the damn Hindenburg when I eat something with soy protein. My wife is gonna get skin cancer from all of the Dutch Ovens im giving her.
I also have problems when i eat a lot of soy beans or soy milk, etc. Not only do i have the gas, I am on the toilet for longer periods of time.
One of the side effects of mild food allergies can by GI distress. Soy does the same thing to me, it sucks! I always thought that it was just the bars/cereal but after getting an allergy test I learned that I had several mild food allegies. Soy products still give me gas but not as bad since I am on my allergie vaccine schedule.