Does anyone take Xyience


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Feb 28, 2005
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Does anyone take it, if so which one of their products and do they actually work, and does anyone know about any possible side affects.
A generic brand of Whey Protein is the way to go. If you want to pay a few extra bucks for a name brand and a fancy my guest.
I don't take it but the nox cg3 (the heavily promoted product) is a creatine product. It has 3 types of creatine and arginine and glutamine. Seems pretty pricey for a creatine product though.
if youre gonna do the creatine thing just go get some monohydrate.. yer gonna gain about 20lbs so watch your belly...chicks dont dig bellies... i took it gained the weight and opted to get off the stuff and go for the runners body and just do it the old fashioned way... so i dropped down from 190 to 170 and just started the creatine again this time from a better physique and am hoping for different results... i did notice a huge difference in strength though.
Protein, Creatine and Nitric Oxide. Generics will be much cheaper and just as good. Check out great comparisons at
i really want to buy that, but is it worth it? i mean will i see a differance?
Fellas if you need energy with ZERO side effects and unbelieveable performance boost take this stuff called Body Quicken
I hope you get banned for not posting this in diet/supple. forum, its so annoying to have people post random things in mma discussion just because they want more replies.
I would steer clear of the generic brands. The company I work for tests procucts for consistency and we have tested many generic Items vs the name brands and the generic ones have horrilble quality control. for example, we tested three brands of generic tylenol recently, all were supposed to contain 200 mg of acetaminephin per pill but they actually ranged from 50 to 400. With tylenol it isn't too big a deal, however I usually opt to know, exactly what is going into my body.
Some of the generic brands of protein powder (whey) dont yield nearly as much servings of protein/per gram as ON or other brand in that case, I opt for the name brand
Xyience is becoming the Fairtex Jersey thread of the Diet/Supplement Forum.
Well I know all this weight gain talk from creatine is scary. Im tryin to lose weight so I dont know if a creatine stack is a good way to go now. What do you guys think
If you want to lose weight I wouldn't really suggest it myself.
Thanks man look like i gone try losing about 30pds then worry about taking some supplements
The testosterone booster is supposed to give you "MASSIVE" gains all it did to me was make me really horny and gave me canker sores.
ive been taking creatine for 2 years, i havent seen an increase in my weight. just increase in power. xyience doesnt make protien anyway, so idk why so many posts here are about protien. the only xyience im takin is the nox-cg3. it is pretty much the same as no-xplode and superpump. i cycle between those three brands every 3 months or so.