Does anyone remember that one post



Where someone was talking about finding a scorpion and smashing it to death with the keyboard?

Remember when Meat Fist asked if the scorpion rocked him like a hurricane?

That shit made me spit water. That was the funniest fucking answer to any topic ever. Seriously, good shit.
I missed the thread. But it sounded funny. If thats any consolation.
yeah, i wonder why you aren't penalized for swearing in the thread line....oh wells
Hojak Rules all so he does what he wants, and yes that was one of the greatest replies ever. Barnett is still my fave.:)
Originally posted by LeftBench
I edited it. ;) Just following orders....

hahahaha...damn Hojak got edited..ain't that some shit.
"Don't try to amuse us with your reparte, just post pics of Princess."

Ask and ye shall recieve...(Hojack isn't going to like this one)

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What time is it in Hawaii? Isn't it like 5 AM shouldn't you be asleep? You must only get a few hours of snooze time.
Ummm yeah i jus cant wait to read your awesome threads!!!! :rolleyes:
Originally posted by LeftBench
I edited it. ;) Just following orders....

SHIIIIEEEEEEEEET..the monster he created turns on him :D
Oh, and to get back on topic

Yes Hojak, I do remember that thread. I nearly broke my fucking keyboard smashing that fucker to death.
Actually, no.

Apparently they found a few others in the building and it turns out someone owned a few of them as pets and they got loose.