Does anyone know what Brian Bowles is doing?


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May 7, 2012
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he hasn't fought since 139 and he hasn't been active on anything in over 3 months just wondering if he is still in the ufc and if he will fight again
Brian is busy acting in new movies that haven't been released yet.

i just got of the phone with him, he said he's half way through finishing his 1970's era of stamp collecting, he said he'll be back as soon as he finishes
Probably waiting for a fight in an oversaturated market? Who knows, and honestly, does anyone truly care?
i was wondering the same thing as ts.

the dude is one of the best at bw
Brian went to take a shit. He'll be back by the end of the Jones era.
Him & Kid Yamamoto are staring in the sequel to "The Corrupter". Its one of those straight to DVD movies. lol