difficulties with bulky/short strong training partners


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Jun 19, 2005
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As l am 5.9 feet and 165 pound my weight is very outspread in contrast to some guys ( actually most of them ) at my dojo. These guys are very hard to sweep, choke due to short necks and catching them in armlocks could be also very occasional. Still l dont have any trouble to keep them under control if l am in a dominant position, like a pinning hold or have their back. From there l try to find openings but once l get the guard l most likely lose it when going for a sweep. Havent been training for long, almost 2 years of judo, but normally guys in my size usually are no problem. Any suggestions what to go for from guard?
l seldom get submitted less than tapping for preventing broken ribs or smashed organs. And its frustrating when u cant escape a pin, l did tap today for a modified scarfhold where he instead of wrapping his arm around your neck or under the armpit just held the collar and digged his elbow deep into solar plexus :redface: . Choked me out u can say.
I am 5'11" and 175, and I usually compete at 178 or 161. Healthy I am about 168 walking around.

I love sparring with short bulky guys, especially weight lifter types who have no strecthing ability. For me, they are the easiest to tap. Long lanky guys with great flexibility can get out of stuff too easy, and they are odd to control.

My suggestion is to learn a bunch of sweeps well (leverage moves, and it sounds like you are good at control already) and of course the arm bar. Taking back if you can works well in inflexible big neck guys. I also like the big 3 arm locks- kimura, key and straight arm locks.

I don't know dude. It sounds like you have a pretty good height/weight ratio to me. Just keep practicing and you'll do fine. If you are weak, keep practicing and you'll get stronger.
when guys like that get off balanced, they really go. just work on picking up guys like that with your legs....they get easier to sweep that way
Armbar and omoplata those guys ... guys with thick necks sometimes can't be choked, and are too strong to sub using your arms against theirs. You gotta go after their arms with your legs, create that strength mismatch.

I should add that the triangle is the one exception -- no matter how big you are, the triangle is so powerful that it will choke just about anyone if it's locked.