Difference between Mexican style and regular handwraps?

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Apr 12, 2008
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Is it a length issue? And what is standard length?
Length is not an issue, any handwrap you get you should make sure it is 180". The only difference is in the material, the mexican style is an elasctic material that is a little strectchy and normal ones don't stretch. I definitely prefer the mexican style, they are much more comfortable.
Standard adult wraps are 180"
Standard Jr/Child are 120" Also sold as "MMA" wraps
Wraps sold at Sporting Goods stores are usually 120-160"
Wrap width varies, usually about 2" up to about 2 3/4" I believe
"Gel" or wraps that are more than just a long piece of fabric are garbage

Regular are herringbone cotton fabric. I do not like them, some do.

Mexican are semi-elastic, form tightly to the hand. I prefer them.
I think the mexican sytle are the semi elastic handwraps not the traditional cotton wraps....they are also longer...180"
mexican style is the way to go. I use my old MMA everlast handwraps for cat toys.
I use Winning hand wraps which are basically a soft bandage with a bit of velcro and thumb loop. Much less bulky and more comfortable than Mexican wraps which I have since thrown in the bin.
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