Diet Pop



Sorry if this has been done to death before but what are some of your guys takes on it?

I drink it all the time and since it has 0 calories, it obvisouly can not be converted into any weight gain correct?
i did the diet pop thinkg for a while until i realized how silly it really it. i dont know if its bad for you, but if i can pronounce the words on the can why am i drinking it :p

i dropped all juice/pop and honestly it changed my life. my health is way better lost ton of weight, i didnt like water when i first started drinking it, but now i cant get enough.

there was a artical somewhere about rats getting fatter of diet pop or something diet as well. im sure you will get a better answer then what i gave you though.
Diet pop wont convert to any weight gain. However, a new Purdue study (pm for the link or just google it) has found that artificial sweeteners could make you feel hungrier than you really are and aid in overeating. But that shouldn't be a concern as long as you're eating properly and exercising willpower.
Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate ftw. Well, kinda, since I only drink soda once in a blue moon... part-time ftw, then.

I try to avoid artificial stuff. Can't completely get away from it, since artificial sweeteners are used in supps... but this is the reason for why drinking soda is a rarity for me.
diet drinks are garbage man. not only has moderate to high consumption been correlated to an increased risk of heart disease, but they've known for years that aspartame doesn't elave you body, and it enters your brain tissue (and less things can enter your brain than you might realize).

i guess if you have to have some kind of sweet drink then go with diet rite, which has sucrolose and no sodium.

sucrolose scares me a bit too though- there are no studies, no data. the fda's criteria for approving food products are a joke.
I'm an addict. 3-4 Diet Cokes per day. I've tried quitting, but I CAN'T!
Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate ftw. Well, kinda, since I only drink soda once in a blue moon... part-time ftw, then.

Ugh, that stuff is disgusting. I had such high hopes for it, too...but it just tastes wrong.

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, however...
If it can be used to cleaning, then I don't put it in my body. I've seen some experiments back in high school that used diet coke to clean old pennies and make them looking shiny new again :/.
Lol that's what I was just told. Exciting, isn't it?
I love my one diet coke I allow myself a day. I swear it's got drugs in it!!! I'm obsessed.
I cant stand soda at all of any kind. I stopped drinking soda when I was about 13. I'll drink it once in a blue moon but I have to have ice so it can water it down and take away all the gas.

I feel like burping out my stomach when I take a sip of soda, lol!
I've never liked soda/pop as a kid, myself. But that's due moreso to the fact that I like to chug fluids down, and that's kinda hard on the throat with the carbonation, haha.
Obviously the diet pop itself won't make you gain weight but as others have mentioned there are a few studies floating about regarding people who take sweeteners (in things such as diet pop) and cravings which ultimately results in weight gain.

I'm sure other people have or will present more specific links to this.
^^Did you read post #3?
diet pepsi max, FTW! ginsing + extra caffeine, a lil extra boost on a sleepy afternoon.

i try to keep em to like 1-2 a day or so, but theres some days im in em all day.

not quite as bad as my crack habit though.