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Apr 6, 2002
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Has anyone tried taking diet pills for weight loss? Did you have more success with one than with another, or do any have better reputations than others? I'm looking for something to aid my diet, but that's not a waste of money or with bad side effects. I'm not terribly overweight, 5'6", 165 lbs, and a naturally stocky frame, but I'm really trying to get rid of the excess fat from when I was alot heavier (i.e. 210 lbs). Even if you're not an expert on diet pills, just your experiences with anything you've taken would be great. Thanks guys!
simple stacker 2s are as good as anything.... nothing really that great since they banned ephedra.. i used to take hydroxycut with great success... but since the banning... the recipe has changed.. and it sucks now....

anti-estrogens may help you out. they make you want to eat more... because it boost testosterone.. but it firms you up... i use nitro t3, xyience has one also.... can get em @ GNC...

ISO-Pure is a good protien drink to replace a meal or 2 with.... high potassium, 0 carbs!!!... 50 grams of protien...
I used Rippe fuel for threee months and it worked well. then again I was 22 years old at the time and now at 26 it didnt have the same effect on me. I would really like to try Xyience.. I'm 5,10 at 185lbs and I used to be 155lbs.. God damn desk jobs.. hahaha its probably why I like to fight