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Apr 4, 2007
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I'm looking to lose about 10 lbs by memorial day. I'm 5-9, 160-165 @ ~12% BF. I used to lift 3 times a week, but when i started boxing 4 times a week, I stopped lifting. However, I'm now going to box 4 times a week at night, lift twice, LSD once a week in the morning, GPP twice a week in morning and an II conditioning drill or HIIT once a week (at least that's the plan for now, might eliminate one workout each week).

telling us what the numbers in the columns are might help. I'm guessing calories are first.

And the times you're eating also makes a difference
I know, I know. It's all the same if you're eating 500 cal 5x a day or 2500 cal at once right? I'm just being nosy. lol
OK, just at a glance, without knowing when you're eating, I'd say:
Cut out the peanut butter. Almond butter is better for you.

Replace the Ranch with a vinaigrette.

If the pasta is soon after working out, it's ok, otherwise cut it back or out. And where's the veggies with that meal?

Doesn't look too bad though. You're getting good lean proteins and veggies for the most part. And 10# isn't a lot to lose.
The pb is naturally more which has 4.5g of omega 3's from flax and is fortified w/ egg whites. I don't care (or believe) that almond butter is better than the stuff (mainly because those studies on rabbits and rats don't on an 8% peanout oil diet don't convince me of much).

Also, ranch is for dipping broccoli in, vinegrette wouldn't be a good sub. I have to eat the broccoli raw, so any other suggestions on better dipping? I've tried hummus and it was alright, but I'll probably be sticking w/ ranch as its free and I probably only eat half a serving of it anyway.

And yes, the PWO is pasta.

Times are:
during WO
Hour after WO
before bed
Well, to each his own on the PB. I've never been a huge fan of it anyway. I like almond butter better and I LOVE cashew butter, so PB wasn't hard to convince me to give up.

Don't know what to tell ya about dipping broccoli in. I like it plain without dipping. Maybe hot sauce, or fat free ranch?

Your timing looks pretty good on everything IMO. There are many more knowledgeable folks on here than me though, so someone else may have better ideas.

I would say that 10# in a little over a month is VERY achievable. Is it for a fight or just a personal goal?
Personally on a cut I would knock out just about all the grains(Oats/Wrap/Pasta) and go with high fiber(Load up on the fresh raw vegetables). Everybody's body is different but to me thats too many carbs. A lot people never tend to hit their goals like that so better to play it safe if you really really want to hit your goal by the 31st. Monitor how your energy levels are adjust from there.
It's not for a fight per se, but I would like to get one soon in ammy boxing. I'm right around 165 fully hydrated, so if I want to cut to 155 hydrated and see how I feel. weight classes are 152 and 141 so I'll see what to do based on that. Also, losing that little bit of weight hopefully will show my trainers that I'm very serious about it.

On the carbs, I'm trying to follow a 40/30/30 P/C/F breakdown. I really don't wanna go any lower than that because I can definitely tell a difference in energy levels.