Did Vitor Belfort Fight in a submission match this weekend or is that at a later date

No, he was suppose to go up against Ricco Rodriguez but dropped out because of his upcoming fight in August.
who and for who is he fighting in augest or is it not posted yet
phenomfan1529 said:
Does anybody know how Ricco did against the guy who replaced Vitor?

ricco replaced vitor against schembri. ricco flaked out and schembri won by default.
that sucks how can you just "flake out"
sounds like some bs
he just didn't bother to show up. i think his people said something official but it doesn't change the fact that ricco didn't grapple and therefore lost to nino.
Word on the streets was that he flaked out due to last minute monetary demands. Ricco wanted more money to show up for the fight. The promoters wouldn't pay his demand and he chose not to show up.