Did my first tournament this weekend.

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Jan 1, 2007
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Hi. I've been training two times a week for about 5 months or so now and decided to enlist in my first tournament. Despite only training in the gi, i decided to go both no-gi and gi, since at this point it's more about learning something new and get some experience rather then going out to smash everybody (though that would be nice too, hehe). I did the -154 pound beginners division no-gi, and the -181 pound white belt division in gi since the weigh-in for that would be the same day.

So friday I took a day off from work to cut weight and get some rest before the weekend. I had never cut weight before, but it turned out to be no problem. I was about 4/4,5 pounds over, did a short jog and sat in the sauna for about 30 min and that was it. Took the train to the weigh-ins, made weight no problem and went home. When I got home I saw that my Matlock season 1 DVD had arrived so I knew this weekend would turn out great no matter what!

Saturday I arrived a little earlier to watch some of the other guys go, and then suddenly it was time for my first match. We started out and he shot for a single leg, I sprawled and we ended up in a scramble, where he ended up in my guard. I was able to secure a triangle pretty fast but I could'nt quite lock it up real tight so I transisioned to an arm bar attempt, but that did'nt work out to great so I switched back to the triangle. Got it pretty tight and he started to gurgle and turn real red but refused to tap, I must have had him in a triangle for at least two minutes (both attempts included) and unfortunatly my legs tired out on me and he was able to escape. I later on tried a ezikiel choke on him, but was'nt able to lock it in real thight, and ended up loosing on points.

Sat around waiting for about 4 hours before my open weight match started. I was able to stuff his first takedown attempt, but he ended up doing a beatiful throw on me and I ended up on my back with him quickly transitioning into mount. I tried to get to half guard, but he was just a little to strong and a little to good for me and I ended up tapping to a rear naked chocke pretty fast.

Sunday it was time to put on the gi and get down to buisness. I was able to watch my opponent during a match before we started so I knew he had a good guard game, so I really did'nt want to shoot in on him, since my takedowns are pretty weak as it is.. We started up pretty slow, neither really getting close to a takedown when he tried to lock in a front choke. I was able to drag him down into my half guard where we spent some time going back and forth before he was able to pass my guard and move into mount where I was forced to tap due to an ezikiel. His coach told me not to be to dissepointed since he apparently had been doing no gi for years. So that helped my pride a little I guess.

So all in all I went 0-3, but had a great time and got compete for the first time. At least I got some things to work on in class in the future.
Congrats on competing, you will definitely learn from it. Enjoy your Matlock DVDs lol.
Congrats on your first tourny. It is a blast and now that you're blooded it will get better.

Now you can see where the holes are in your game and improve them. For your next time play on top, no matter what, always attack.

Where was the event?
What are tournaments like in Europe? Which country would you say has the best BJJ? (excluding the UK)
Great post and kudos to you for a great attitude even though you didn't fare as well as you hoped! Keep learning and keep at it!