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Diatomaceous Earth(food grade)

This really isn't an April Fools Joke I promise!
LOL guys ok my buddy that comes up with lot's of "alternative" nutrition showed me this and was curious if anyone had actually used this.

I do not have a garden. But I do have pics of hot chics bending over and gardening.

Also I'd swallow a scoop if someone told me it would kill off a 15 foot long tape worm in my intestine. It can't be much worse than creatine right?

Kidding aside he hasn't brought it back up but when he eats a pound or so of this I will let you know if he misses work.
If you want I have actual live diatoms in my saltwater aquarium you can have.

You can't beat fresh.
lol noob.

Well I talked to him and he is still alive so I'm going to get 2 pounds from him and see about getting rid of that tape worm!