Defect Hayabusa gloves? Photos!!


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Apr 25, 2011
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Just recieved my Hayabusa Kanteki Elite 2.0 gloves today. I think there is a defct with them.

The right glove has a dent in the knuckle area, where seems to missing some foam from the area. I have tried puffing it out, but this hasnt helped it..

You can feel the dent when you push it in, and unlike the other glove where the foam bounces back, it stays as a dent.

I have attached some photos for you to look at, where you can see the circular dent. please let me know what think, thanks.



Contact the manufacturer you brought the gloves from, send them pictures, send these back, have them send you a new pair.
Break them in, see how it is then.. if it's uncomfortable while using it still, maybe try to warranty them or something.
Very noticeable crater in that glove. I too would return them....especially at the price they are.
Break them in, see how it is then...

Why!?!They are defective now and will be defective then...
The only difference is that if you beat them up the seller might refuse replacement.
Return them now. Just my 2 cents.
Just send them straight back, seeing as you paid so much for them you should be satisfied with them as soon as you get them out of the box. I don't really see how a defect/ absence in foam would buff out by breaking them in. Plus, the seller may be inclined to refuse exchange if you try to send back the gloves smelling of sweat.