defeating underhook when u have sidecontrol?


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May 1, 2007
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whats a good option to defeat your opponent's underhook so he can't escape , when you're on top and he's on bottom? would whizzering it and going to the other side via northsouth work? or how about going to knee on belly? input is appreciated, thanks.
thats what I was going to say, D'arce choke
D'arce works great from half guard...

Actually if I had full side control, I wouldn't go for the darce. I think its easier to hit from half guard.

From side control I would probably just put knee on the belly or mount.

edit: if i were as good as bravo I'd do the darce from side
If a guy has a proper underhook (hand high on the upper back and deep) Darce isnt really an option. To me the smart thing is to change your position (take arm at the head and put it over the head and under the far shoulder) and block the hit with the other hand, then start walking N/S or transition to side control for taking mount.

Walking N/S and to side control on the other side to me is the best way to prevent escape, then wash, rinse and repeat till the squirmy fucker gets still and then look to work some submission. A guy who is good at switching side will WEAR your ass out.
thanks guys, ya switching to the other side is a great way to keep him down ive noticed. anyone else?
twister side control is a good option as well. just smash your back into their face and control the far hip with your free hand. they mostly give you their back or the grapevine
Work for the Brabo, or do the Jacare where he just gets the Kimura grip and lets them sweep anyway. They fall fight into the Kimura.
The darce or brabo (with the gi) choke is a good option. Another thing I've started using in place of the darce when it's hard to lock it in tight (and if you're rolling with the gi) is kind of an inverted ezequiel choke. The set up is very similar to the darce, only you then reach inside your sleeve and go for the ezequiel rather than grabbing the biceps and locking in the darce. Another good option is to set up kind of like a half-nelson (whizzer the arm, hand on the back of his neck), and walk around through north-south to the other side. You end up with the arm trapped, and can set up various chokes, etc.
if he comes up with the leg you can roll for omo
What about pulling guard into the arm in guillotine like Nog/Sylvia? I'm not good at the move myself, but it seems like a lot of the times when people get the underhook and turn into you, they leave themselves open for the guillotine.
Turn towards the legs and underhook the leg or the hip.

Essentially reverse scarfhold.

This is the best way to defeat the underhook.

If he's getting out, then I like to convert to a whizzer, and then you can go to a brabo/arm-in guillotine type situation. But if you want to hold onto side control, you gotsta turn towards the legs and block the hip/leg.
When you are in side control you have to constantly move yourself so that you always adjust to the minute by minute situation that you are in. There is not one position that will always deafeat the double under position you have constantly be moving and contour yourself to their positioning.